Information for Students and Recent Graduates

Typically, employers use legal recruiters to assist them in hiring qualified "lateral" attorneys with some practice experience after graduating from law school, even if it is as little as one year. They normally hire new graduates and other entry-level attorneys via other means, such as interviewing on campus, conducting summer associate programs and running job ads in publications. It is the exception to the rule that an employer will use the services of a legal recruiter for the hire of an entry-level attorney.
To conduct a successful job search campaign, I recommend that you use a combination of the following resources: law school career services/alumni offices; local, regional and national publications which advertise legal jobs; the internet; independent contractor firms; and career counselors, in addition to networking on your own and conducting a targeted mailing. One relevant pamphlet I recommend you obtain is The Lawyers' Guide to Job Surfing On the Internet. Published by Career Education Institutes (1996). Call (910)768-2999 to order a copy. ($10.00 + $2.00 S+H cost)
Finding your first legal job requires time, persistence, hard work and an effective job search strategy. Good luck in your job search.